Memorable infusion for shared moments.

Japan made, single-origin, small batch.

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Japanese Green Tea Australia

Japanese for ‘tea shop’, Chaya is a family run, Australian certified organic green tea maker, set up by two Japan born, Aussie tea drinkers who believe in sustainable production from soil to sip.

Best Sellers

  • Organic Everyday Matcha

    $22.00 or subscribe and save 15%

    Our Everyday Matcha powder is perfect for drinking, cooking and baking.

  • Organic Sencha Green Tea

    $22.00 or subscribe and save 15%

    Everyday green tea; what people refer to when they say ‘Green tea’ in Japan.

  • Organic Green Tea Powder

    $18.00 or subscribe and save 15%

    Inspired by Sushi joints that serve green tea to customers all day – dissolve our Green Tea Powder in hot water.

  • Organic Hojicha Powder

    $18.00 or subscribe and save 15%

    Another type of ‘green’ tea, but it’s roasted, hence the deep colour.


Small at heart, with big ambition.

Our tea is the product of lots of small decisions that add up, like memories over time, to create a story greater than the sum of its parts.  Brought to you from Japan with love.

We’re here because mum made us do it…

We all have visceral memories from our childhoods, those moments somehow attached to a particular sound or smell.

When you come across those smells later in life, you find yourself instantly transported. Everything comes to a halt, and for a time, you’re back home.

This is exactly what lit the fire for Chaya. Born from memories — a desire to re-spark moments shared with our mums and growing up over hot cups of green tea. Moments that started in Japan, and live on in Australia.

Born in the name of singularity

Our Matcha and Sencha comes from a single location, in the birthplace of Japanese green tea, just outside of Kyoto on a single family-run farm, where they grow one crop the same way they’ve been doing it since 1858.

We call it single origin. (Who says that term can only be applied to coffee?!)

Tea leaves are processed locally to the farm and packed right in the same place, minimising its journey from soil to first sip.

In fact, the only time it leaves the area it started life is to make its way to us for sale, in monthly batches to ensure total freshness.

Lay of the land

Welcome to the Harimaen Estate Tea Garden.  A rolling green carpet of tea plants cultivated by the Harima family for 7 generations, and 100% organically for the past 45 years — unheard of in the Japanese green tea game and a key reason for our partnering with them at Chaya.

It’s what’s outside that counts, too!

Our tea comes in compact steel tins for one simple reason: being kinder to our environment.

Unlike common pouches, our tins are fully recyclable and have a much smaller manufacturing footprint making them the perfect sustainable home for our tea.

We’ve spent a lot of time researching the most sustainable ways of bringing our Japanese green tea to Australia, and are committed to continuing to do so as we go. Meaning if we find a better way, we’ll adapt to it.

Our package labels were designed by our friend, and renowned northern beaches artist Kentaro Yoshida, who also happened to study traditional tea ceremony in high school.


We know we’re not the only ones out there who hold the ceremony of tea drinking close to their hearts, so we’ve made it a goal to partner with like-minded retailers, restaurants, cafes and stockists to make our tea accessible to more people.

Tailored to you

Sell our tea under your own brand with custom labelled packaging. Nice!

Order to scale

We offer a variety of large order sizes, with 1kg bags being our most popular.

Choose your grade

Sencha, Culinary grade matcha, Gyokuro, Genmaicha, Hojicha, Sencha and Bancha are all available direct from our Kyoto supplier.

If you’re interested in our wholesale offering, email us at

What types of tea do you specialise in?

Chaya Green Tea specialises in certified organic Japanese green tea including organic Matcha and organic Hojicha in Sydney, Australia. Our products are farm-direct from Kyoto Japan, meaning the only time that our organic green tea products leave the land it was grown on is when it makes its way to us in Sydney for sale, in monthly batches to ensure total freshness. We hope to raise the level of Japanese Green Tea in Sydney, Australia. Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you:

I don’t know how to prepare Japanese green tea, help!

Don’t worry! Chaya also has a Matcha starter kit for our Matcha lovers, which includes the organic Matcha and whisk (‘chansen’), available from our Australia online store. Check our Instagram and Facebook where we share tips on how to brew and use our Organic Sencha, Organic Japanese green tea, Organic Hojicha Powder and Organic Matcha. Our Organic Sencha is loose-leaf so the only extra thing you need is a strainer. Our Organic Japanese green tea and Organic Hojicha Powder are in powder form, so no additional equipment is needed!

Do you only ship Japanese green tea Australia wide or internationally too?

We ship Australia-wide and internationally too! Simply get in touch with us via email requesting international shipping and we will get back to you.

Can your teas be brewed cold?

Of course, they can! Our teas can be enjoyed cold. Particularly, our Japanese green tea powder and Hojicha powder would be easy to brew with cold water. If you want to enjoy any of our other Japanese green tea cold, you can brew it like any normal cup of hot tea, then chill and add ice. If you would like to make an iced Matcha latte with our organic Matcha, simply make a Matcha ‘shot’ with hot water then pour over ice with milk. The same goes for making an iced Hojicha latte.

Can I be a wholesaler for your teas?

Definitely! We would love to partner with like-minded retailers, restaurants, cafes and stockists to make the best green tea in Japan accessible to more people in Australia and around the world. So if you’re an Organic enthusiast or a Japanese Green Tea Australia fan or around the world, we would love to hear from you:

Do you do custom label packaging for brand partnerships?

Definitely! We would love to partner with like-minded brands. We offer custom label packaging for all our products: Japanese green tea Matcha, Japanese green tea Sencha, Organic Green Tea Powder and Hojicha Powder. We have collaborated with several Australian brands. If interested, get in touch with us via email: