Organic Sencha Green Tea

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Australian Certified Organic, Premium-Grade Sencha Green Tea Loose Leaf from Uji, Kyoto, Japan Single-Origin, Farm Direct, Small Batch. Net 50g.

You can’t go wrong with a classic. Enjoy our superior grade, loose-leaf Sencha.  Sencha is the everyday green tea; what people refer to when they say ‘Green tea’ in Japan....

Organic Japanese Sencha

If you’re new to Japanese green teas, our organic Japanese Sencha green tea is a great place to start. Sencha is the classic choice of green tea that comes to mind when people say ‘green tea’ in Japan.

Sencha Green Tea Loose Leaf

Chaya’s organic Sencha green tea is perfect for mornings and evenings. Sencha Green Tea Loose Leaf means you’ll be able to truly taste what our tea farm’s about.

Organic Green Tea

Our teas are carefully grown with love, as we are dedicated to making every sip as boastful and refreshing as possible, using no pesticides or chemicals in the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Chaya’s Sencha special?
Just like our organic ceremonial grade Matcha, our organic Sencha green tea is also single-origin from our tea farm in Uji, Kyoto, Japan. Harvested and packed on a single family-run farm with over 150 years of history, our organic Sencha green tea is superior-grade, meaning that it’s not your ordinary tea bag drink.
Our organic Sencha green tea is great to pair with a Japanese meal or enjoy just on its own. It’s our go-to green tea, and we hope it becomes a staple in your home too.

How do I brew your Sencha?
Place one teaspoon of organic Japanese sencha per person in a teapot, and add 70° – 80° hot water. Let the tea leaves steep for 2 minutes, then remove them before serving them in cups. Enjoy!

Does the Sencha come in powder form?
No, the Sencha green tea is in loose-leaf form only.

How long can your Sencha last?
Our organic Sencha green tea loose leaf can last for one year, but please note the Best Before Date at the bottom of our product. We do recommend consuming our products within a month once it has been opened.

Tasting notes: Clean, vibrant, refreshing
Perfect for: Anytime in the day

How to brew:
Place one teaspoon per person in a teapot.
70° – 80° Hot Water.
Steep for 2 minutes and serve.

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Everyday green tea; what people refer to when they say ‘Green tea’ in Japan.