Organic Green Tea Powder

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Australian Certified Organic, Green Tea Powder from Japan, Farm Direct, Small Batch. Harima-san’s unique blend of selective harvest from Uji and Kyushu. Net 50g

Inspired by Japanese sushi joints that serve green tea to customers all day, our organic Green Tea Powder is perfect for busy mornings. Simply dissolve our organic Green Tea Powder in hot water, and you’re good to go. It boasts clean, refreshing and vibrant tasting notes....

Organic Green Tea Extract Powder

Because it’s so easy and speedy to prepare, it’s perfect for busy days. It pairs well with Japanese meals like Sushi as well. Its ingredients are 100% certified organic green tea extract powder. No buffers, no artificial enhancers. We use a blend of quality organic green teas from Uji and Kyushu, Japan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Organic Green Tea Powder and the other tea products?
The main difference is that our Organic Green Tea Powder is the quickest (‘instant’) option of our tea range. Whilst still being proudly certified organic and positively delicious.

How do you brew the Organic Green Tea Powder?
Place 1/2 teaspoon of our organic Green Tea Powder in your cup and add hot water (we recommend 80°). Mix well and enjoy!

Sometimes the Organic Green Tea Powder doesn’t dissolve completely, is this ok?
If the green tea powder does not dissolve entirely, it is still perfectly fine to enjoy. We are proud to say that our organic Green Tea Powder is 100% grounded green tea. Nothing else has been added. No additives, no artificial enhancers. Naturally, some parts of the tea leaves are insoluble in water. This means that our organic Green Tea Powder may not entirely dissolve even after mixing. This is not an issue and is perfectly fine to enjoy.

How long can your Organic Green Tea Powder last?
Our green tea powder can last for one year, but please note the Best Before Date at the bottom of our product. We do recommend consuming our organic Green Tea Powder within a month once it has been opened.

Tasting notes: Clean, vibrant, refreshing
Perfect for: Busy days or when you’re on-the-go

How to brew: Place 1/2 teaspoon in a cup. Boiling water. Mix well and serve.


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Inspired by Sushi joints that serve green tea to customers all day – dissolve our Green Tea Powder in hot water.