Organic Hojicha Powder

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Australian Certified Organic, Hojicha Powder from Japan, Farm Direct, Small Batch. Harima-san’s unique blend of selective harvest from Uji and Kyushu.Net 50g

Hojicha is another type of ‘green’ tea, but it’s roasted, hence the deep colour. Simply dissolve our aromatic Hojicha powder in hot water OR froth up some milk and make a Hojicha latte. Hojicha is more aromatic and has less caffeine than the other green teas....

Roasted Green Tea

If you find Japanese green tea a bit bitter, we recommend trying our organic Hojicha powder as it tastes very smooth, with a smoky-tasting note. Our Hojicha powder is certified-organic, with a unique blend of selective harvest from Uji and Kyushu, Japan.

Hojicha Powder

It makes the perfect evening drink and it pairs well with any meal, making it one of our most popular tea products. You can also make a Hojicha Latte, a popular alternative to coffees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is in Chaya’s Hojicha Powder?
Our organic Hojicha powder is 100% roasted green tea, grounded into powder. No additives, no buffers, no artificial flavours. Just organic tea.

How do you brew Hojicha?
Our organic Hojicha powder is one of the easiest products to make. Place 1/2 teaspoon in your cup and add hot water (we recommend 80°). Mix well and enjoy!

How do you make Hojicha Latte?
If you’ve never tried Chaya’s Hojicha Latte, you must. All you have to do is whip up a teaspoon of organic Hojicha powder with your milk of choice in your milk frother. It’s become a stable favourite for our tea lovers.

Sometimes the Hojicha Powder doesn’t dissolve completely, is this ok?
If the hojicha powder does not dissolve entirely, it is still perfectly fine to enjoy. We are proud to say that our organic Hojicha powder is 100% grounded green tea. Nothing else has been added. No additives, no artificial enhancers. Naturally, some parts of the tea leaves are insoluble in water. This means that our organic Hojicha powder may not entirely dissolve even after mixing. This is not an issue and is perfectly fine to enjoy.

Tasting notes: Smoky, smooth
Perfect for: Days and evenings

How to brew: Place 1/2 teaspoon in cup. Boiling water. Mix well and serve.

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Another type of ‘green’ tea, but it’s roasted, hence the deep colour.